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    Applying colour to the kitchen sketch
    Suitable for beginners.

    This course will suit all those who want to learn drawing on an iPad tablet in different programs and techniques. We will study perspective, light-and-shade, textures and make cool interior sketches!

    The course format consists of video lessons with my feedback on all questions! Below is the syllabus of the course, everything that we are going to study and what pictures we are going to draw! Also I can certainly state that I will train you to expert level!!! We will take you from zero to expert.

    I present to you a new course of INTERIOR SKETCHING on the iPad.
    The training requires any iPad and a stylus.

    Paper, a mechanical pencil, an eraser and a large-scale ruler. (Ideally an iPad pro and an Apple Pencil)

    For other iPads you will need to buy an Adonit stylus (sensitive to a type of pressure) or a Wacom creative stylus 2. The market is filled with various styluses for capacitive displays now — but it is really desirable for a stylus to have a pressure force. It is important. Cheap styluses don't have it.

    The cost of 34 lessons — $240.

    The course program
    Lesson 1
    • Introduction
    • Acquaintance with program tools
    Lesson 2
      • Basis of frontal perspective on paper and on an iPad
      Lesson 3
        • Drawing of a sofa with 1 vanishing point.
        • "Procreate" program tools. Work with a mechanical pencil on an iPad, shading, volume
        Lesson 4
          • A lesson on creation of a brush in the "Procreate" program
          • I share settings of a brush which I use for everything
          Lesson 5
          • Studying of perspective with 2 vanishing points
          • Perspective lines in the "Procreate" app
          • Building of an armchair
          Lesson 6
            • Creation of a complicated armchair in angular perspective
            • Beginning of work with tone and volume
            Lesson 7
              • Concepts of light-and-shade and volume basing on the example of various geometrical figures
              Lesson 8
                • Volumes in color
                • Simple forms of furniture
                • A test work with color
                Lesson 9
                • Drawing of textures: wood, marble, concrete, fabric, leather
                • New "Procreate" brushes
                Lesson 10
                  • Drawing of a sketch plan
                  • Filling with color and making textures
                  Lesson 11
                    • Creation of a padded stool with capitonnage
                    • Drawing volume and texture of fabric
                    • Work with different brushese
                    Lesson 12
                      • Angular perspective of a room
                      • Basics
                      • Big and small spaces
                      Lesson 13
                      • Creation of a kitchen in angular perspective
                      • Work according to the plan
                      • We learn to draw a draft sketch on paper, to trace details and to make a clean copy on the tablet
                      Lesson 14
                        • Filling the kitchen with color
                        • Working with various textures: wood, rusty metal, marble, etc.
                        Lesson 15
                          • The principles of creation of a round dining table and chairs around it
                          • Filling with color, making textures
                          • Lustre
                          Lesson 16
                            • Creation of the room perspective with one vanishing point
                            • Work with scale
                            Lesson 17
                            • Drawing of an interior from life and from a picture
                            • We learn to convey various textures and we study new brushes
                            Lesson 18
                              • Building of an interior with one vanishing point according to the plan and a selection of furniture
                              • Work with scale and tracing of the interior details
                              Lesson 19
                                • Working with a difficult interior in color, with light-and-shade, volume, textures
                                Lesson 20
                                  • Revision of the studied material, creation of a big living room with one vanishing point
                                  • Work with the plan and a technical design specification
                                  • Addition of pieces of furniture and light from pictures and processing
                                  • Drawing of parquet
                                  Lesson 21
                                  • Drawing of a living room in color
                                  • Addition of new tools and functions, working with multiple textures
                                  • Conveying of the atmosphere, volume and light
                                  • New textures and surfaces
                                  Lesson 22
                                    • Studying of techniques and textures basing on a specific interior
                                    • Drawing of a herringbone parquet, plaster panels, fur, capitonnage, pictures and accessories
                                    • We study new brushes
                                    Lesson 23
                                      • Studying of the new program tools in the "Sketchbook" program
                                      Lesson 24
                                        • Drawing of an interior fragment in the "Sketchbook" program
                                        Lesson 25
                                        • We continue to study the "Sketchbook" program and its tools
                                        • Drawing of fast graphic sketches
                                        Lesson 26
                                          • Building of a perspective grid on the iPad with a ruler
                                          Lesson 27
                                            • We continue to draw in the "Sketchbook" program
                                            • Building of an interior basing on measurements
                                            • Graphic outwork with dash lines
                                            • Fast color filling
                                            Lesson 28
                                              • Drawing of a sketch according to the drawing from the "Archicad" program into the "Sketchbook" program
                                              • Detailed outwork of an interior according to a collage and a selection
                                              • Filling with color
                                              Lesson 29
                                              • Drawing of a bathroom in the "Procreate" program
                                              • Creation of a bathtub
                                              • Studying and conveying of new textures in the interior sketching: marble, teak, chrome
                                              • Mirror reflection
                                              Lesson 30
                                                • Drawing of a complex multidimensional living room according to a scheme from the Archicad
                                                • Outlining of all elements of the interior
                                                • Drawing and creation of a parquet template
                                                • Use of the Stroke function to outline photos of the furniture
                                                Lesson 31
                                                  • Outworking of the living room in color in the "Procreate" program
                                                  • Revision of the studied material as well as studying new textures and brushes!
                                                  • Effect of fire, outwork of fabrics and curtains, a glossy floor, reflections, marble, background and foreground
                                                  Lesson 32
                                                  • Drawing of a living room perspective in the loft style with 3 vanishing points
                                                  • Drawing of brick and parquet textures
                                                  Lesson 33
                                                    • Fast (30 min.) filling of the sketch with color
                                                    • Conveying of the atmosphere of a loft, of streaming light and textures
                                                    Lesson 34
                                                    • Drawing of a WC facility in the "Procreate" program
                                                    • Outworking of new textures and revision of old ones
                                                    • Bricklaying of the tile!

                                                    More about course
                                                    After payment for the course I will open for you access to the lessons — it isn't limited!

                                                    And it doesn't matter what city you are from or what time zone you are in! You can watch lessons at any convenient time from any place around the world!

                                                    In order to access the lessons you will need an e-mail address on gmail.
                                                    How the lessons are carried out
                                                    You have access to the video which you can watch from your computer or an iPad — from any device.

                                                    You watch lessons and draw together with me and with my comments!

                                                    We will have team work: you send me your results and I send you my comments with changes either in a text or in a video format, depending on the number of amendments.)

                                                    By results of the course you will have a decent portfolio of sketches! And opportunities for further self-searching with this already interesting and necessary skill!